Part of the Settlement Agreement, Sebastian Pavon Cuellar Travel Documents will remain in The US. Embassy in Mexico; Only with a SIGNED release of both parents could the Travel documents of Sebastian Pavon Cuellar be released. That did not happen: AMERICAN CITIZEN   Sebastian Pavon Cuellar was Kidnapped to England By Tristan Nind, Joseph Lowry, Peter Bailey and Samantha Lowry aided and abetted by Susan Lowry and John Lowry Owners of Alfresco Childcare and Forest Club in Bishopstone Swindon United Kingdom. HOW SAMANTHA LOWRY KIDNAPPED SEBASTIAN AND OBTAINED THE TRAVEL DOCUMENTS TO DO SO? CHARGES HAVE BEEN FILED AGAINST SAMANTHA LOWRY, TRISTAN NIND, JOSEPH LOWRY, SUSAN LOWRY, JOHN LOWRY AND OTHERS, INCLUDING FOR KIDNAPPING OF AMERICAN CITIZEN, TRESPASSING, FRAUD AND CONSPIRACY AGAINST RIGHTS, RESPONSIBLE OF HOMICIDE TO SELL ILLEGALLY LAND

JULY 31, 2017